Crow Stories—the movie

Crow Stories began with an invitation out of the blue. Come spend a week on the Crow Reservation in Montana. Wander around, make pictures, do whatever you like.

So the door opened, and for the next six years Sean Kernan went back and back in all weathers and seasons to the ancestral grounds of the Crow along the Little Bighorn River. There he filmed the land, the people and the life they live.

Crow Stories is a unique documentary immersion into the layered worlds of the Crow Indians. It is an experience – of hunting buffalo in the Bighorn Mountains, of Sundancers rehearsing in a nighttime meadow, of the fierce intra-tribal battles of the Handgame.

During six years of filming, people unfolded their thoughts and lives, and Kernan’s work was simply to listen. "I was given the enormous gift of a sojourn far out beyond my usual world. Now all I want is to pass this gift along to anyone who would like to travel there with me. And who wouldn’t.”


Crow Stories